Festival Internacional de las Artes.  FIA, Parque Metropolitano la Sabana.

Toda una experiencia dibujar en medio de un concierto, una rica experiencia rodeada de muchas expresiones de arte.. Nuevas formas de saborear la música.


Sketchwalk Festival Internacional de las Artes & Urban Sketchers Costa Rica

Wonderful event at Parque Francia and the Old Customs House (Antigua Aduana), yesterday.
Organized by the International Art Festival, Urban Sketchers Costa Rica was invited to host the workshop "dibujo en movimiento", in fact, a typical USK Sketchwalk.

Lovely day and a great bunch of people (old friends and new) who produced some very amazing sketches.

Thank you, Oscar Ruiz from Zinefest/FIA for organizing this great event and for inviting us to join!
And to the participants - thank you all for showing up and drawing with us!!

First reunion in the park:

Sketching at the Old Customs House (Antigua Aduana):

 Final reunion and more show&tell:


Sketchcrawl March 2014

A very nice sketch morning in Parque Espana with a lot of people and activity around to draw.
"Enamorate de tu ciudad", an initiative by the Ministry of Culture, had organized music, art&crafts vendors and many activities such as yoga, dance and games. As an after-sketch fun some of us tried out hoolah-hooping with "hoopnosis", a dance movement in San Jose - no pix to share here for a good reason.
Lovely day and great drawings, guys!
Thank you all for sketching with us!


Hula, hula!!! Frente al Edificio Metálico.  Este es uno de los croquis que hice en las casi 6 horas que estuve
dibujando en el sketchcrawl, al cual asistieron unas doce personas.  Pasamos un rato bastante agradable!