1 feb. 2016

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26 nov. 2015

Sábado 5 de diciembre
PUNTO DE ENCUENTRO: Plaza de la Cultura, 9:00am

Como siempre: Por favor llevar su propio material y proteccion contra el sol y la lluvia.

Nos vemos!

29 sep. 2015

CHEPE A LÁPIZ, paseo urbano en papel

URBAN SKETCHERS Costa Rica ha sido cordialmente invitado a participar en "CHEPE A LÁPIZ, paseo urbano en papel", el sábado 3 de octubre a partir de las 8:30 am.  Inscripción gratuita.

26 sep. 2015

September Sketchwalk 2015

Gracias a todos por venir!
Centro: Por primera vez vino nuestra "sketcher" mas joven: la hija de William, 3 meses.

Today, we were very lucky with the weather: lots of sun and heat despite the rainy season. 
About 15 sketchers were spread out in the area plus a couple of photographers who took pictures for school assignments. 

With view of the plaza and buildings along Avenida Segunda.

Talking to camera man and photographers. 

View onto the tower and old walls of the National Museum.

View onto tower of museum.

One sketcher drawing "DGusto" restaurant.

Drawing the plaza.

Great sketches!

Trying out the new "Urban Sketchers Costa Rica" stamp.

I said "lucky with the weather", because the moment after we had said our good-byes it started to rain. 
This is us trapped in a souvenir shop alley.

15 sep. 2015

September Sketchwalk

Hola gente -

Esta vez, nos encontramos en la Plaza de la Democracia. Dibujemos el edificio espectacular del Museo Nacional con las visibles huellas de su historia, la Calle Artesanal con sus productos y su gente y ademas la arquitectura y actividad alrededor de la plaza.

Como siempre: Por favor llevar su propio material y proteccion contra el sol y la lluvia.

Nos vemos!

20 jul. 2015

Sketching in the Caribbean

This is my first blog post ever (thank you so much for inviting me, crclapiz!), so please forgive me that not everything is perfectly expressed and professionally done.

Last week, I spent some days on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and although we had lots of tours planned, I went with the idea to sneak out every now and then to have a quick sketch.
All in all it was quite a peculiar experience.
Most of the interesting looking locations were visible only by boat, but a boat taxi can hardly be persuaded to stay on the spot in a flowing river until a sketcher has finished his "masterpiece"....
So, I had to cheat a bit. These two sketches I made back at the lodge from photos, I had been taken earlier.
It was the first time I really tried to sketch water and I realized how very difficult that is. Lot more practice needed!


My favourite location was, of course, the village of Tortuguero: colourful, lively little village, friendly people, good vibes, nice Reggae Music, the perfect spot to sketch. Unfortunately, I had only half an hour and I knew it. That resulted in a rushed, heavily distorted sketch, but at least it is transmitting some of the energy I felt.


The next day, I had planned to walk back to the village and give it another try, but helas, it was raining heavily all day long. I painted this heliconia instead and that was an interesting experience, too, because the colours just would not dry! Six hours later, when I finally went to bed, I still had to leave the sketchbook open in order not to smudge the sketch.

The next morning, watching the continuing downpour, I thought I might give my chalk a try and yes, that was a good idea. The chalk was a little wet, too, but that had the advantage that it proved to be much less messy than normally. And the colours turned out equally luminous. I will have to keep that in mind for the next time I travel to a place with high humidity.

Oh, and one piece of advice: do not ever take honey-based watercolours to such a place.
All my watercolours turned very, very soft with the humidity, but the honey-based hue literally went running and smudged my whole palette. Luckily, I have only one hue by M.Graham, so it was not that much of a desaster.

23 may. 2015

Nos encontramos el sábado, 30 de mayo en la Feria Verde de Aranjuez a las 9am

Como siempre, la actividad es gratis, no es un curso. Todos los niveles SON bienvenidos. Traer su material para dibujar y llegar puntualmente.
Si llega tarde esté atento a gente dibujando alrededor de la feria.

Nos vemos!