Sanatorio Durán, antiguo y abandonado hospital usado en los años 60 en Cartago (Costa Rica), el lugar tiene una aura tenebrosa, murió mucha gente en esa época.


More neighborhood sketches

This is a smoothie-bar in town. I've never bought a smoothie, but I always looked at the colors of the house when passing by. Yesterday, I finally stopped to draw. The blue house to the left is an accountants office.

Out on Thursday night to buy a few things around town (actually only an excuse to go sketching). Very busy bakery and bustling streets before shop closing around 6pm. In the end it had gotten so dark that I could hardly see the paper in front of me.


HOLCIM Cement Factory

Today, I was out with sketch-buddy Izzy to draw in Pavas, a semi-industrial area close to the city center. 
Initially, I wasn't very happy with my sketch (see photo below), and I felt there was only one direction (no, not those guys) to go - FORWARD ATTACK. So I added some more color. And - it I was happy, again...


Various sketches I did recently.

This building is on Plaza de la Cultura, housing POPS Ice-Cream parlor. Around the corner (to the left) is the entrance to the Gran Hotel Costa Rica with a nice terrace cafe. Diagonally behind me is famous Teatro Nacional and accross the Plaza the Gold Museum. 
Great place to go sight-seeing or even better: to go sketching!

Inspired by last weeks Flickr Weekly Themes: Modern Architecture
- where I added this old bus to the composition
Flexi Park, off Calle Lindora

And another corner house on Boulevard Pavas sketched about two weeks ago for the Weekly Themes: Shoes and Feet
Note the bill board with the New Balance Advertisement
The shops below were still closed at 8am.


Festival Internacional de las Artes.  FIA, Parque Metropolitano la Sabana.

Toda una experiencia dibujar en medio de un concierto, una rica experiencia rodeada de muchas expresiones de arte.. Nuevas formas de saborear la música.


Sketchwalk Festival Internacional de las Artes & Urban Sketchers Costa Rica

Wonderful event at Parque Francia and the Old Customs House (Antigua Aduana), yesterday.
Organized by the International Art Festival, Urban Sketchers Costa Rica was invited to host the workshop "dibujo en movimiento", in fact, a typical USK Sketchwalk.

Lovely day and a great bunch of people (old friends and new) who produced some very amazing sketches.

Thank you, Oscar Ruiz from Zinefest/FIA for organizing this great event and for inviting us to join!
And to the participants - thank you all for showing up and drawing with us!!

First reunion in the park:

Sketching at the Old Customs House (Antigua Aduana):

 Final reunion and more show&tell: