Sketchmorning in Escazu

Out on Friday to sketch in the town of Escazu, which still has a lot of old adobe houses.

 This is a little restaurant (soda) decorated with onions. This place is so inviting and the food is quite good, too.


Is it already time?

Christmas decoration in town. 

I decided to try to pay more attention to light and dark values and therefore to leave the colors in the bag. An exercise in abstraction!



Dental office in corner house of Boulevard Pavas, San Jose, Costa Rica

Another sketch done from the passenger seat of a car. In some areas, it seems safer to be somewhere inside, than sitting on the sidewalk. We blocked the right lane for about half an hour, before my sketch buddy, Izzy, also the driver of the car, decided it was time to leave the scene and make room for driving cars. Colors were added later at Starbucks.


More sketch adventures from San Jose

 More recent sketch adventures:

This is snack bar "Roble Sabana" in Pozos, drawn from one of the tables located between th.e street and the parking lot. Lots of interesting people to sketch: in this case a workman with "sabanero" (cowboy) hat and an old man with a cap saying "oficial", which means he's probably helping with security and parking cars. While we are here he is helping putting plates away and having a snack himself.

The National Stadium was drawn yesterday, inspired by the weekly themes: monsters.
This one looks quite capable of biting, even though not so much from this perspective. Turn 90 degrees and you can picture a giant accidentally putting his foot into the structure and the thing closing up like a big clam.

Driving around  Escazu recently we saw this corner house with a motor cycle repair shop. Great signs outside the building and many colorful motorcycles made us stop and draw. Challenge here: quickly changing foreground...


Sanatorio Durán, antiguo y abandonado hospital usado en los años 60 en Cartago (Costa Rica), el lugar tiene una aura tenebrosa, murió mucha gente en esa época.


More neighborhood sketches

This is a smoothie-bar in town. I've never bought a smoothie, but I always looked at the colors of the house when passing by. Yesterday, I finally stopped to draw. The blue house to the left is an accountants office.

Out on Thursday night to buy a few things around town (actually only an excuse to go sketching). Very busy bakery and bustling streets before shop closing around 6pm. In the end it had gotten so dark that I could hardly see the paper in front of me.